Appalacian Gap Distillery
88 Mainelli Rd
Middlebury VT 05753
United States
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When we started Appalachian Gap Distillery, enjoying spirits wasn’t simply a passion. We wanted something more, something with character that was bold enough to break from convention, and to introduce exciting and unexpected favors.

So, we did what any other curious and discerning drinker would do. We bought a building out of foreclosure in Middlebury, Vermont and set to work creating the spirits we’d always imagined but never tasted. Inspired by the craggy mountains, verdant farmland, and lush forests surrounding the distillery, we made an effort to work the spirit of home into every bottle.

We didn’t just want to craft unique spirits and unexpected flavors, though. They had to be sustainably made, minimizing environmental impact, because those are our core values.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Will a few years back, whose passion and energy have made it possible for us to achieve our perhaps lofty goals, and who was instrumental in our path to become the first distillery in America to be certified climate-neutral. We are inordinately proud of this achievement, and hope we are the first of many. Read More about our Climate Neutral certification on our profile page here.

We hope you’ll enjoy our spirits and experience the spirit of exploration in every glass.

Remarkable spirits, sustainably made.