Bhakta Spirits
VT 30
Poultney VT 05764
United States
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BHAKTA Spirits is the purveyor of the most exquisite spirits in the world. Through a combination of strategic acquisition, creative casks, and craft production, we offer you the chance to experience “time in a bottle.”

The BHAKTA Philosophy
BHAKTA Spirits is built on a simple, optimistic premise: the world abounds with treasures. We seek these treasures – forgotten spirits, decrepit properties – with an eye for overlooked quality and latent potential. Our search spans continents and centuries. Our foundation rests on Four Pillars: we seek the Rare and the Exquisite, in the service of Value and Purpose.

We are intrigued by the RARE, though, scarcity itself is insufficient: we pursue the EXQUISITE. Yet we seek ASSETS, not ostentation, in our collection, and we do this with PURPOSE. Our goal with BHAKTA Spirits is Revival: of overlooked spirits, of decrepit farms, and more.