WhistlePig Distillery
1792 Quechee Main St
White River Junction VT 05001
United States
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Like any successful American business, WhistlePig began with a dream. In 2007, we bought a dilapidated dairy farm in Vermont, and after many sleepless nights spent considering different business ventures, we decided to pursue our love of whiskey. With Master Distiller, Dave Pickerell, on board we made the ultimate gamble: investing in 10-year-aged rye whiskey, a spirit that had not yet been rediscovered by the American public. Dave curated liquid from the finest aged Canadian Rye stock available, which was then hand-bottled on the WhistlePig Farm. The gamble paid off and our 10-year old rye whiskey was born.

Why rye?

Rye is a stubborn grain that is not for the faint of heart, however, those who succeed in the tricky mashing, fermentation and distillation process are rewarded greatly. Rye presents an incomparable flavor profile that is bold, smooth and incredibly complex. We firmly believe that rye holds the greatest potential of all distilling grains, unmatched in flavor. Not to mention that rye is America’s original drink – President George Washington was known to distill rye on his Mount Vernon property.

Where did the name “WhistlePig” come from?

A short lineage of kunekune pigs proudly precide over the WhistlePig Farm & Distillery.  Today’s Chief Pig, Mortimer Jr., descended from our original porcine mascots, Mortimer and Mauve. …We realize that whistlepigs and pigs aren’t exactly the same animal – but we’ve never claimed to play by the book.

While it’s origin story is obscure, the WhistlePig name and icon have become a daily reminder that great whiskey should be fun, not formal, and to never take ourselves too seriously.