Join the DSCV!

Legislative Advocacy

We work as a group to support the legislative agenda we decide as a group. Members have developed key relationships with members of the Vermont Senate, House, and the leadership of the Department of Liquor and Lottery.

Invitation to DSCV Networking Events

As a DSCV member, you’ll be offered an invitation to our events. While the council has been inactive for some time in this area, renewed interest has the Council considering some upcoming distiller to distiller networking events.

Tasting Tour Passport Program

You will be featured on the council’s Tasting Tour Passport Program. Your distillery will be on the printed passport.  This program helps to drive awareness and visits to your location. You will benefit from inclusion on our website interactive Map with the locations of all the distilleries that are members of the DSCV.

Inclusion on DSCV Website

The website & map contains links to an individual website listing page for your distillery that includes location, hours, details map, social links, photos and/or videos supplied by your business. New features on the DSCV website will be developed over time (i.e., Calendar of events) to benefit the membership. Members will be abel to quickly renew their annual dues and new members can apply at any time.

Distiller Resources

A member resources section will also help communication and provide valuable information to help your business grow and thrive. This may also include vendor resource sharing in the near future.

Promotion on the DSCV’s Social Media Channels

The DSCV will promote your distillery’s activities and events on our social media channels.


There are 2 tiers of membership. Tier 1 is for Vermont distilleries with active DSPs. Tier 2 is for affiliate members. If you are interested in joining, please fill out this form: