Mad River Distillers
89 Mad River Green
Waitsfield VT 05673
United States
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Mad River Distillers is a craft producer of whiskey, rum, and brandy in the heart of Vermont’s Mad River Valley.

Ingredients and process matter to us. In pursuit of the perfect sip, we source non-GMO, fair trade, and organic regional grains, with our full production process occurring on site at our craft distillery, a renovated barn in Warren, Vermont. We have a rich history of honoring tradition while reinventing what is possible in distilling.

Our line includes 2 whiskies, 3 limited-release whiskies, 2 cocktail rums, 3 aged rums, and an apple brandy. Mad River products are available through our Vermont tasting rooms, in New England and New York retail stores and restaurants, and online through our website