Village Garage Distillery
107 Depot St
Bennington VT 05201
United States
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One wintery Christmas Eve, Village Garage founders Matt Cushman and Glen Sauer shared their dream of opening a craft distillery in their hometown of Bennington, Vermont.

Glen knew of the perfect spot – the historic “Village Garage” near the four corners of downtown Bennington. Originally a tractor dealership that had served the local farm community, in recent decades it had been used to house the towns old highway equipment.

It might have become yet another empty building in the heart of an American town, but Glen and Matt had another idea. Instead, like so many other great American ventures, the Village Garage Distillery was born – out of a garage. Years of hard effort later, we are proud to present their handy work to the community.

The stars on our label come from the flag that the Green Mountain Boys, our forefathers, flew when fighting for our nation’s independence. They also represent the sky over the lands their family farmed for over eight generations, right here in Bennington, Vermont.

Whether you’re winding down after a hard day’s work or stopping by on a long journey, you’re always welcome at our table. Pull up a chair, pour a glass, and taste the spirit of the Green Mountains.